NCB Peer Review


Are you affiliated with SciLifeLab and working or studying in the field of computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology, and/or related areas? Do you want to get feedback on your work or help others by providing feedback?

  • Motivation

Computational biologists are often working in environments where they receive feedback on the biological aspects of their projects but miss out on discussions regarding computational approaches and challenges. NCB peer review aims to close this gap.

  • Scope

Scientists at SciLifeLab can submit any part of their work – individual figures, specific analyses, sections, whole manuscripts, teaching material, etc – to be ‘peer reviewed’ by fellow researchers at SciLifeLab active in the same field.

We intend the reviews to work on a tit-for-tat principle, i.e. those who get feedback should also provide feedback for others in return. Naturally, this will take into consideration the experience of the participants, so that early-career scientists can get reviewed more often without reviewing as much themselves.

  • Confidentiality

As in any review process, we require all participants to keep the contents of submissions and reviews confidential. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to redact parts of the submission to protect your intellectual property. Information you provide to the NCB will be accessible by our core team only. The sign-up form is used only for the NCB Peer Review initiative. Any stored information can be deleted per request at any time.

  • More Information

More information on the initiative can be found in our Q&A section as well as in the submission and reviewer guidelines.

For additional queries, contact our team at: