Our Team

We are a team of scientists working together to develop and maintain Nordic Computational Biology platform and its initiatives.

nazeefa fatima

Nazeefa Fatima

Project Lead
Sweden - Norway

Computational biologist. Interests: sequencing technologies, web development, and data management.

Johan Osterlund

Johan Österlund


My primary interest lies in systems biology and multiomic data integration. I am particularly fascinated by the visualization techniques and the theory behind combining information of different scale, encoding and biological setting. Nordic Computational Biology provides a natural place for me and others to socialize, learn and develop together. The project is open for anyone with a burning interest in computational biology and related fields, a society that is actively non-exclusive which I find extremely valuable.

romain lefevre

Romain Adrien Lefèvre 


PhD researcher in the Behavioural Ecology Group at UCPH. Interests: behavioural ecology and web development. Romain’s research project aims at investigating the mechanisms of production of «biphonation» in horses’ vocalizations as well as exploring its implication for their social communication. Besides his interest in animal cognition and welfare, Romain has a fair interest in data science and programming. On a long-term basis, he would like to make use of technology to contribute to developing new tools to evaluate animal wellbeing based on their vocal signals.
Marek bw

Marek Prachař


Interests: Immunoinformatics, structural biology, simulations and data visualisation. I think Nordic CompBio offers a great opportunity to interact with your peers from different places within the region; one can learn what different people within bioinformatics are currently working on which I personally almost always find fascinating. I think it is somewhat easy to get stuck in your personal “research niche” and become a little complacent and a project like Nordic CompBio can help to broaden the horizons.
Marcel Tarbier

Marcel Tarbier


Postdoctoral researcher.

Regional Coordinators

roza berhanu lemma

Roza Berhanu Lemma


Postdoctoral researcher. Interests: Computational biology, molecular biology, and gene regulation. What is quite exciting for me about Nordic Computational Biology is to see all these emerging scientists working together and building such a valuable computational community beyond their own regional base, working for a common goal of developing skilled generation of computational scientists through knowledge and skill sharing.
BSB bw scaled 1

Begüm Serra Büyüktarakçi


PhD researcher. Interests: molecular evolution, origin of life, phylogenetics, and drawing trees. I am excited about the fact that Nordic CompBio will be the voice of researchers in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology in Nordic countries. We aim to achieve diversity in science and to focus on the methodological way of presenting studies that will help science communication change more beneficially.

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