Nordic Computational Biology

A platform for all things computational biology in Nordics. Nordic Computational Biology is made up of life scientists, computer scientists, and bioinformaticians.

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We aim to collaborate with research and industrial organisations to build new initiatives across Nordics. The goal is to further develop the computational biology field and highlight scientific efforts.


We aim to build a collection of resources that help future and current computational biologist with learning and teaching.


We are currently planning events such as Nordic Computational Biology Talks. In the future, we plan to organise collaborative events including conferences and domain-focused meetings.

Get Involved

To join our team, fill out our membership form to get involved! To share ideas on how we can further develop Nordic Computational Biology, go to Provide Feedback page.

Upcoming Events

We are brainstorming events for the future. Interested in organising and/or collaborating? Join the Nordic CompBio team!

Excited to share your bioinformatics pipeline, latest publication, and/or interested in giving a workshop? Sign up for 2022 Nordic Computational Biology Talks, click the button below to learn more:

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Nordic Computational Biology